Foot Massager Roller and Spiky Massage Ball Set



About this item

ACUPRESSURE EFFECT:  Flexible big spikes of ROMIX foot massager and massage ball are effective for deep tissue. You can ease tight muscles and increase blood circulation with full comfort of skin.

PROPER MATERIAL: Foot massage roller set is made of non-toxic TPR and PVC material which have no chemical smell. Practical construction with the internal steel bearing makes it durable and smooth.

RELIEF AND RECOVERY:  Extraordinary foot massager for plantar fasciitis recovery and other cramps or pain relief that heals muscles aches. Apply on feet, legs, hamstring, calves, hand, shoulder, neck.

FULL OF USE:  The combination of feet massager and spiky massage ball help you relieve stress, pains, soreness and get relaxation. It makes you sportier and more active while making specific results.

PORTABLE SET:  This foot roller and spiky ball set is lightweight and precise in size to store or carry. Easily keep this fitness kit in your backpack and take it for outdoor, office, gym, yoga class.


Technical Perfection

The internal steel bearing is covered with Phthalates-free rubber and can be rolled with proper speed. The contoured shape helps to reach the deeper tissue.

Spiky Massage

Along with providing more flexibility in muscles, these spiky massage balls work to recover muscle pains. The spikes have a proper density to work as 360° equipment.

Ideal Package

The foot roller and spiky balls are lightweight and precise in size. This massager set has a carry bag with adequate space so that you can take them out anywhere.

Wide Usage

It can be used throughout the whole body including arms, wrists, shoulder, and neck. This foot roller relaxes your muscles with a deep tissue massage treatment.

Impeccable Shape

The foot roller has an arc design for target points to relieve aches and pains, especially plantar fasciitis. It promotes blood flow and eases movement.

Multi-role Spiky Ball

You can roll the pains away with neck, leg, wrist, shoulder, arm, back, or cervical massages. It’s made to be applied to the triggered points.



  • Big spikes for easy movement and muscle comfort
  • Suitable for specific trigger point massage
  • Perfect round bearing to run smoothly
  • Makes no uncomfortable experience for skin
  • Durable and practical material with ergonomic design
  • Designed to relieve stress, joint stiffness, and soreness
  • Improves blood circulation and activates lifestyle
  • Regular usage promotes sleep and enhances relaxation
  • Special support to chronic pain
  • Provides flexibility through the whole body
  • Alleviates swelling of ankles and legs



The impeccable combo of foot roller and spiky ball assists in targeting your leg, toe, arch, feet, arms, wrist, neck, shoulder and other muscles where you need total relief from pains. It also helps you get ready to ensure pro-active movement through gaining impressive flexibility along with proper blood flow.


The robust and easy-going structure of the bearing makes the roller run over any flat surface. You can use it anytime while sitting on your home or office chair and sofa even over the carpet. The massage ball and roller are designed to carry anywhere you go and needs a minimum area to start the exercise.

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