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Deep Tissue Muscle Massager and Back pain Foam Roller

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VERSATILE USAGE: This trigger point foam roller targets lower back including upper, neck, quads, hamstring and chest. Perfect for cross-fit fitness, strength training, bodybuilding, cyclist, athlete.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Our massage roller made from premium quality EVA foam. It is free of lead, phthalates & chemicals. It doesn’t hurt or damages skin, so enjoy our muscle roller without worrying.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This yoga foam roller designed with different angled areas. Can hit & massage your muscle in a different way. You will get targeted professional massage from our soft foam roller.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: With our lightweight, portable, high density foam roll you can have better performance for long time. It can release muscle tension anytime, anywhere in a very short time.

ULTRA DURABLE: Our premium fitness foam roller for deep tissue muscle massage is ultra-durable for long term professional use. We provide world class customer service for your worry-free purchase.


Fitness Foam Rollers For Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Foam Roller
Muscle Foam Roller
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Use Before and After Workout

It relaxes your muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and decreases the chance of injury. Delivers a deep tissue massage to relieve aches and tension

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Unlock Body’s Inner Strength

3 unique massage zones create intense, balanced, and focused relief. Helps to recover quickly, and increases mobility, flexibility, and range of motion

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Stabilize Your Core

Our foam roller will help you with posture and alignment problems which relieves back pain or spinal deformity. Addresses muscle soreness and joint stiffness

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Releases muscle pain and improves performance
Can be used at the home, gym, outdoor, etc.
Increases blood flow and oxygen
High-quality materials
Reduces exercise pain
Very durable and portable


The massage roller from ROMIX has wide usability. Suitable for the back, legs, neck, and shoulders. It can help prevent injuries and also supports rapid recovery from injury.


Our muscle training foam roller is made of cast foam, which is much better than other inferior materials and provides long-lasting durability.

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