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Air Stability Anti-Slip Surface Posture Wobble Cushion

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ENHANCE BODY BALANCE: Balance cushion is a great tool if you want to get more balanced body with proper posture. It helps your lower body to be stable and stronger and will provide you a solid base.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Our kid friendly wobble cushion are made from pro-grade, phthalate-free PVC. It can be cleaned easily. It’s light enough to fit in your sports bag. Features an anti-slip design.

INCREASES CORE STRENGTH: Our wobble cushion activates more muscles and makes them much stronger. While you are sitting on it at a regular basis, you will find more flexibility in your lower half.

BETTER POSTURE: While sitting on a balance board, it’s consistently shaking your posture. You have to correct your shape every time to find the right balance, thus this exercise improves posture.

IMPROVING CONCENTRATION: As a lot of kids have concentration issues, ROMIX wobble board could help the kids with ADHD. Also can be beneficial to the kids struggling with lower energy level issues.


ROMIX Wobble Cushion

Remarkably helpful in improving enhanced physical fitness for all ages of users

Engage your core muscles for stability, resulting in better strength, toning, coordination, and posture. Large spikes on one side to stand on it and small on the other side to sit.

  • Improves proprioception after injuries or surgery
  • Strengthen the core stability muscles
  • Can be used for cardio, strength, yoga, sports training
  • Improves energy levels
  • Burns more calories
  • Complement fitness activities

The balance cushion is used by many parents as a textured seat cushion for their children who have struggled in sitting still. Allowing children to wiggle and move around during staying seated, assists to keep them focused on a task for a long period of time.

  • Perfect for elementary school
  • Help children to sit and concentrate in class
  • Made from phthalate-free kids materials
  • Enhance the standard chair
  • Great air retention and non-slip grips
  • Anti-burst construction ensures maximum durability


Professional-grade PVC used to establish maximal resistance. Easily inflatable, and slowly deflates in times which ends the chances of getting burst

Slip-free Use

Smooth bumps on one side and acupressure bumps on the other are designed to ensure stability. No worries even if the surface is not out and out leveled

Perfect Hand Pump

You will get a hand pump with the cushion that inflates the cushion. All you need is to stop pumping when it meets your desire level of expansion

Multipurpose Assistance

Even if you use it for core support, it will reduce your muscle strains while growing stability. A proper choice for posture improvement too



  • Works as balance training and massage therapy
  • Beneficial in workouts and injury rehabilitations
  • For improved stability and better posture
  • Can improve your body proprioception
  • Helps your body to prevent joint injuries
  • A handy replacement for your office chair cushion
  • Enhancing your concentration effectively
  • Can relief if you are suffering from back pain
  • Intensify your regular exercise sessions


This wobble cushion is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Thus, it is perfect for adults and kids. You could effortlessly use this wobble cushion in your office, home or in classrooms.


You can perform balance exercises, squats, arm exercises and various yoga moves with this wobble cushion. For injured and overworked ankles, calves, knees and legs, this wobble cushion physio tool gives you the confidence to gradually build up strength and function in injured and weak areas.


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