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Why You Should Improve Your Posture

Let us stand tall and straight for a brief moment. How do you feel? You will surely feel that inner strength and confidence to win your battles in life. This certain posture will tell you deep inside your heart you are ready to conquer with confidence. This is how a good posture affects our minds. And you will be surprised to know that it similarly has a huge impact on the well-being of our body. Not only does it make us look attractive but our inner body mechanism works efficiently when we adopt a proper posture in our daily life. Let’s see how an improved posture can contribute to a better version of us –

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Reflect Your Strength

Primarily, your straight posture will represent if you are a predator or prey, whether you are weak or thriving. Slouching was just a way to save vital organs during the attack. However, standing straight, displayed that humans were not in fight-or-flight mode. Today better posture represents that if you are strong and healthy.

Boost Self Confidence

As a human being, we judge others as more competent if they are standing with a strong posture as compared to weak or neutral. But it’s not just only about human perception. A good posture can contribute you to actually feel more confident about our own abilities. In a well-known study from Ohio State University, when certain people sat up straight to fill out their job applications, they were much more confident that the good qualifications they wrote down were to be true compared to when slumped at their desks.

Breathe Even Better

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Anyone should try this: to sit in an upright position, chest out, shoulders back, and try to take a deep breath in. Now, slouch your shoulders, just lean forward and try to take another deep breath. You will see that it’s nearly impossible to take in a full deep breath in a slouched position.

Healthy lung muscles were not able to draw air inside as well when they were slouching against being sitting upright. Even the poor posture we simulate when we are typing on our cell phones is enough to limit our ability to breathe efficiently and properly. Digestion, breathing, and our bladder function—as well as the other major organs—are all much more efficient when our body is aligned appropriately.

Digest Food Deliberately

Poor posture will compress everything in your trunk, including your intestines and stomach. What functionally moves the broken-down food through your large and small intestines is peristalsis, which is the undulation of our colon. This certain movement directly comes from your diaphragm, which drops down into your abdominal cavity as you breathe, and your back, hip, and abdominal muscles all get to contract as a response. This certain getting tighten and then release contributes to facilitate the peristalsis, but happens only if your trunk is too stretched with much room to move rather than getting compressed.

Also when you tend to sit with a bad form—that is, getting your hips posteriorly tilted and your butt is being tucked under—the unnatural curve being created in your spine causes the body’s transverse colon to jam up into the thoracic cavity, impinging the nerve which triggers your diaphragm to drop with every single breath. As a result, everything literally stops. You may take all of the psyllium supplements found around you, eat all those roughage as you can, but if you are sitting with a poor posture all day long, not a single thing is going to move out of your colon.

Get a Stronger Core

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Your correct posture might not directly result in like six-pack abs, but it will definitely going to strengthen your core muscles which support the body. Your core muscles are to support your spine, so staying upright keeps them engaged. Initially, your body may get to utilize more calories as it works to stay upright. As time passes by your core muscles become stronger, they get to become more efficient at maintaining alignment without effort, and your good posture becomes inherent.

Burn More Fat

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The more you allow your big postural muscles—pelvis, hip girdle, shoulder girdle, ankles, and knees —to engage in as you walk around throughout the day, the more energy you get to burn while simultaneously getting to become more posturally sound.

That certain higher energy burn will not just boost your metabolism, but also will help you become more efficient in how you expend energy. As science says that we are an all-terrain vehicle, it is designed for tremendous feats of physical accomplishment. When all of our muscles are doing their job, we tend to become incredibly efficient not only in the fuel we’re putting in but the capabilities we’re putting out. It’s really like having all the eight cylinders of an engine firing against just a few—you are highly capable of reaching the full potential your machine is designed for.

Relieve Your Anxiety

Just by changing your posture using a posture corrector, you can actually ease your anxiety. When we feel threatened, we tend to tighten our muscles, lift our shoulders toward the ears, and we hold our breath. These movements, which happen so naturally when we get anxious, tell that our brain and the nervous system there is a threat, and so our body should be on guard. Instead of doing just the opposite—by being sat up straight, shoulders being down, and relaxing tension—signals to our body that it does not need to get engaged in the fight-or-flight response.

Also, tuning in to your posture can be a form of mindfulness. You see, when you tend to bring your consciousness, brain, and spirit into just the present moment, you’re being able to let go of the worry about yesterday or tomorrow and instead, you are allowing yourself to be calm in present.

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