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The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear for Beginner

‘What to do?’ and ‘Where to start?’ kills the kickstart of doing anything, specifically when we do something alone. It happens most in times of fitness training. And, choosing the proper workout gear for beginner level is pretty much complicated. 

At the very beginning, it seems like everything does everything, and the thoughts change, you may find nothing does anything!

That is how you need to choose your beginner fitness equipment carefully, as much as a beginner can be.

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Start Fitness Training by Now

It’s not a big deal to start fitness exercise even by today if you can cling to your visions. You don’t always need to kickstart. You can start with the smallest efforts, and can multiply by changing the pages of a calendar.

The Best Exercises You Can Try With Lightweight Equipment

It’s your concern to start with the finest fitness kits that you can easily handle and act like the warm-up tools that make the way to pick the heavy ones. Heavy-weight training gears are the better choices for people who claim to be pro.

Plenty of workouts for beginners out there from where you can easily choose yours. Here you get a list that we recommend.

  • Balance Board Training
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Resistance Training with Bands
  • Core Exercise
  • Jumping with Skipping Ropes
  • Foot Massaging
  • Foam Rolling
  • One from Your Choice


Now comes the main part of your fitness training for a healthy life. You might get tensed that how you can guide yourself being a trainee?

The answer is very simple. As much as you learn the ins and outs of the equipment you are going to use, you will find yourself more familiar. You know the strength and weakness you possess. You can relate your movement easily to the kits. That is why we said earlier, listen to your body.

9 Best Exercise Equipment for You

Balance Board

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You should consider balance training as your first choice. You cannot move to the other exercises unless your body gains a satisfactory level of balance. A wobble board presents itself to be adaptable for many workouts. It can be done at home and suits people of different ages. 

Wooden boards are greatly recommendable for those who prefer eco-friendly products. And it can carry diverse weights and has the speciality of the anti-skid surface. But it should be your primary choice for the first 6 to 9 months doing 20 to 30 minutes a day. You can switch to the tough ones when you become a pro.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Non-slip Round Surface
  • Sturdy Bottom
  • Class-one Material
  • High Weight Resistance Level
  • 360° Rotation Experience 

Ab Roller

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Most of the beginners state that starting fitness training came in their mind to lose weight and get a nice body shape. And obesity has been a prime concern nowadays because it keeps growing if started once. 

An ab wheel can help you burn calories and get your core muscle stronger. You gain a better look ultimately as it builds better coordination. It will make you sweat more if you know the roles of the best core exercises for beginners.

You can start with a standard ab roller with sturdy handles for the first 3 to 6 months. And then you can shift to an ab carver pro.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Maximum Weight Load
  • Safety Grips
  • Non-toxic Material
  • Convenient dimension
  • Non-slip Assurance


Pull Up Bar

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Once you witness yourself being comfortable with the elementary stage of balance and resistance training, you are set for starting strength training. Yeah, you don’t have to join the gym to start strength-building exercises.

Years back, there were only heavy-weight pull up bars, but now we see lightweight chin up gears also. They adjust even your door frame. And you can start it yourself; you may need a bench.

You can do positive and negative pull-ups at the beginning stage, and then you can go for the next ones eventually. But this time, obviously start with the simplest ones.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Durable Material
  • Well-made Locking Appliance
  • Simple Installation
  • High Weight Resistance
  • Slip-resistant Gripping

Push Up Board

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Expert exercisers may hardly need a push up board. Even if they need, they use the strong surface and non-slip grips, not the colour-coded area selection design. But if you are a beginner, you need the color coded design mostly because it leads you to choose, practise, and develop in the right ways. You can fix the grip on the pointed zones and continue diverse push-ups through a well-made push up board. It comes with the facilities of multiple angles.

Doing pushups after every 2-3 days will come up with the passage of gaining muscle strength. It will also help you burn calories and be in a good shape. 

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Multiple Exercise Options
  • Anti-skid Knobs and Grips
  • Multi-angle Color Coded Design
  • Robust Surface
  • Area-based Training  Privilege

Resistance Bands

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Balance, strength, and resistance are equally important for whatever fitness development you crave to gain. Here comes the name resistance band to limit the struggle of uplifting heavyweight equipment. The beauty of resistance bands is that is really lightweight and fits at the home, even inside your room.

Stretching with resistance bands can bring the ultimate flexibility to your body, and enhances your strength. You can do a big number of resistance exercises which will leave no parts of your body lazy. It’s not just a matter of resistance, it enables you to stay fit for a long time.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Latex Material
  • Different Resistance Levels
  • Durable Anchors and Handles
  • Adjustable Ankle Straps
  • A Complete Package

Yoga Mat

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Firstly, it needs to be clarified that a yoga mat can also be treated as an exercise mat. It’s a great option to use it on different surfaces. You can practise plank, yoga, meditation, stretching and all other relevant exercises using a single yoga mat. It can be an alternative to knee pads or kneeling mats. 

Yoga is not only a workout of physical balance, it also guides you to improve your mental health. You can be more a person free of stress. Lots of yoga poses are there which come up with the great advantage of winning the battle against anxiety. And you know, a sound mind is the playmaker of occupying the ease of body.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Eco-friendly Material
  • Textured Surface
  • Anti-slip Assurance
  • High-quality Foam
  • Simple Maintenance

Skipping Rope

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Skipping rope is a nice choice for the latter part of the beginning session. It might be a little tough in the elementary days, but it will ensure suitability once you have trained yourself with the earlier exercises. It makes you sweat more equally a pull up bar or push up board do. Highly burns your calorie and improves flexibility.

There are stages of exercising with a skipping rope. If you have a target to join in certain athletic performances that includes jumping, you need to have a jump rope which can make you involve more in high-impact workouts. It enables the mobility of the whole body, a superlative choice for core muscle training too.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Tangle-free Design
  • Superfast Ball Bearing
  • Non-slip Handles
  • Adjustable Rope
  • Finest PVC Material

Foam Roller

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Foam roller is familiar to those who face muscle soreness and aches. It enhances the mobility of your muscles, increases blood flow, and speeds up healing. Foam roller should be used in a decent manner, following the basic precautions. Advanced precautions actually.

Foam roller seems to have some two or three exercises because of its name maybe. But we found some 30+ exercises in ROMIX foam roller eBook that directly involve a foam roller.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Real Lightweight
  • Designed for Different Areas
  • 12”+ Length and Proportional Thickness
  • EVA foam Material
  • 2/3 Roll Over Massage Zones

Foot Massage Roller

You might have seen people using foot massage for plantar fasciitis recovery, but is also useful for practising low-impact workouts. It’s a special choice for those who are not likely to handle the load of any high resistance or weighted workouts. And it’s mostly recommendable for those who just have been recovered or going to recover muscle aches or other problems like this, and acing to start-up fitness exercise.
It lessens stress, boosts flexibility, and promotes sleep and blood circulation. It’s a good choice for exercise before sleep, and perfect for warm-up and muscle relaxation.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Contoured Shape
  • Acupressure Spikes
  • High Density of Spices
  • Non-toxic Material
  • Robust Rolling

Why People Quit Fitness Workout Training?

The first time we saw the statistics, we didn’t believe it. But later we got reports after reports and found that about 90% of people end the journey of workouts in 3 months.
Most of the people who joined a gym or bought plenty of exercise equipment were quite enthusiastic, aware, and mature enough in behaviour. Then why did they quit?

  • Too much expectation
  • Cannot do exercise with fun
  • Increasing gym and equipment cost
  • Pro-level workout gears
  • Depending on a group

There may be more reasons detectable if asked one by one. So, don’t break confidence. Find a way to cut out those complications.

How to Avoid Fitness Mistakes at the Beginning?

  • Don’t choose heavy equipment
  • Don’t start before warm-up
  • Forget muscle-targeted training
  • Don’t focus too much on a particular workout
  • Don’t go for HIIT
  • Exercise with shoes

What You Need to Ensure Before Starting Fitness Workout?

  • Start slowly 
  • Listen to your body 
  • See your doctor in case you have any fitness barriers
  • No need to make a routine, go flexible
  • Don’t get tensed if you can’t workout daily
  • Avoid taking heavy equipment

You surely don’t find it to be difficult to maintain this shortlist of primary fitness guidelines. Again, you would be wondering why people quit exercise so soon. So, we scanned some cases and found it evident that people who even chased their fitness barriers, could not last long in the exercise waves, got sunk into lethargy because of some silly fitness mistakes which they should not have done.

How Will You Guide Yourself?

Let us consider that you have chosen the beginner gears. So now comes the actual game, who will guide you? Joining a gym can be an alternative though, it is merely an alternative. Chances are you cannot adapt to the faster movement of a gym. So, you are going to guide yourself until you get advanced. Around a six-month self-session will gorgeously help you be compatible with the gymnastic mechanisms. Who knows, after a long self-practice period, you may not consider a gym centre to be a must! Confidence grows this way, always.

Go for Collective Training

Sometimes we see people doing strength training for being stronger, or doing balance training to improve balancing. But it makes no sense, we say with confidence that it makes no sense.


Increasing strength is not that parallel as we straightly think. You need to go well with the complementary exercises, maybe some of resistance and a few of balancing. Every of them cooperate the other ones. Thus you get the maximum result.

Schedule the Day

You have to sleep, rest, browse, gossip, watch movies, and many more to do. So, you don’t have all your day for workouts. So, remember your old school days and just be a beginner! Make a schedule, and for sure the routine will be broken hundred times. But you don’t quit. Just stop practising only one exercise for hours, make it versatile

Are You Going too Fast?

Oh yes! It’s a vintage problem that we go too fast when we start. That’s quite a reason to quit fast as well. So, you are never going to scale yourself or expect immediate results. Your fitness will grow gradually, no hurry.

Take a Tour

ROMIX never likes to promote itself by manipulating you to own each of the products in the store. We just tell you to see the beginner gears at a glance. The pro-level ones are catchier, but ignore them. Wait until your beginner level is over.

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